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About the Meths

Recorded live and direct onto digital audio tape on Wednesday afternoon, 28 March 1990, at Greenhouse Studios, London.

The Blue Rhythm Methodists - at rest

Please visit the NEW MySpace page to hear songs from the final 1993 recording session "Love,Peace and Superglue" and leave your comments:

This web cassette is dedicated to the memory of the Blue Rhythm Methodists and of Pigmeat Pete Smith (1952 - 1999). 'The Meths' were a band created, fronted and starring Pete on vocals and guitar. Pete was an excellent chap and a brilliant musician - truly one of a kind.

The Meths started out as a rhythm section practice group for Pete's pop band, called '35th of May'. The Blue Rhythm Methodists out-lasted the band they were designed to tighten up and continued playing gigs in and around London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and beyond from the mid 1980s into the mid 90s.

Please contact the site if you remember seeing Pete play in one of his many bands and solo projects, but especially with the Blue Rhythm Methodists.

Pete Smith also played in the following beat-combos:

Lee Kosmin Band
Skiff Skats
35th May
Roma Pierre and her Back Door Men
Daddy Longlegs
The Jiving Instructors
Pigmeat Pete and Cat Juice Charlie

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© Copyright Blue Rhythm Methodists/Pig Me Records 1990

Live Mix - Paul Gadd

Big Thanks - Pat Collier

Guitar/Voice - Pete Smith

Organ - Phil Harvey

Bass - Mike Disney

Drums - Lee Partis

Digital Editing /Cassette Manufacture - Myrtle and Tony Batchelor at TAM Studio

Artwork/Type/Photography/Inimitible spelling - Bill Kingston

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