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Recorded live and direct onto digital audio tape on Wednesday afternoon, 28 March 1990, at Greenhouse Studios, London.
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THE REAL STUFF - Zero Grazing is the message of this monogamous melody. Pop go the Meths!

2min 48 secs, 2640 kb
  BLUE ROOM FOR A BLUE BOY - It's angst and anguish time, but that never affects the band's appreciation of contemporary interior design! 2 min 54 secs, 2723 kb
  WATERMELON MAN - Lee and Mike (the backroom boys) kick up a storm as we 'slide' into this popular 'standard'! 3 min 14 secs, 3040 kb
  CHECKING ON MY BABY - Blues time. Yes, they can take themselves seriously. 'Is that a guitar solo, or are you coming?' quips Phil. Absolutely! 4 min 59 secs, 4676 kb
  IT'S HARD BUT IT'S FAIR - So goes the BRM's happy-go-lucky philosophy. Grumbling is just 'not on ' in the exciting world of the Blues! 2 min 43 secs, 2553 kb
  NELSON - The plucky foursome expand their muscal horisons. Where have they gone now? West? South? Who knows? they certainly don't!  
  LONELY AVENUE - 'Must be near Lezby Avenue, which is where policemen live' jokes Pete. HIs ready and abundant wit have helped him to appreciate loneliness at first hand! 3 min 24 secs, 3201 kb
  HONKEY TONK - Recorded at a live engagement or 'gig' Bringing music to far off towns such as Aylesbury remains a pleasure for the boys. As you can hear, the audience agrees! n/a  
  THAT'S ALL RIGHT - Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag because things aren't too bad. The boys count their optimistic streak as one of their most valuable assets. Good show! 5 min 27 secs, 5111 kb
  I NEED SOMEBODY TOO - The Methodists throb into a self penned soul classic. I need somebody to what? Dare we ask? 4 min 08 secs, 3882 kb
  YOU FLIPPED MY LID - Phil (the quiet Meth) pulls out the 'stops' on his 'organ'. Quoth the band 'Cool Phil'. And how! 3 min 00 secs, 2827 kb
  I CAN'T TAKE IT - I can't take it no more? admonishes Mike, 'That's dashed bad grammar' 'Yes, double negatives are strictly poetic licence, kids', remarks Pete as he playfully tosses a '4 x 12' cabinet at Mike. Whoops! 3 min 18 secs, 3103 kb
  ALL YOUR LOVE - Travel is one of the perks of being a star 'rhythm and blues' band and here Lee heads the way to South Amaricay with a 'Rhumba' beat. Howdy Gringos! 4 min 00 secs, 3760 kb
  TAKE OUT SOME INSURANCE ON ME, BABY - Financial worries dogged the band in the early days, but fame and fortune has meant they can relax and plan for the future. 'Naturally we support the aims of international socialism, but we have to take care of business first.' And so say all of us! 3 min 44 secs, 3515 kb

THE STUMBLE - As the curtain falls on this foursome's feast of funk, a final flurry featuring a fearsome fight as engineer Paul tries to drown the lads in a sea of reverb. Glug, Glug...!

download songs
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2 min 11 secs, 2052 kb



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